Monday, May 3, 2010

Nimbus Update

Furballs #4 and 5. #5 was just a few minutes ago. With every brushing I'm getting less and less off of him. And this time I didn't find any mats that had to get cut out either! I'm very happy!
And for a response to some of your comments:
Calle: Treats are out because of his Diabetes but you can bet he's gotten lots of extra love and cuddles. Not that he necessarily likes it though. He's actually quite a stand-offish cat when it comes to affection, except on his terms. He's just like his mother on that one. But if his numbers stay where they were at this morning (and I have no idea how the stress from today's events is going to affect those numbers) he will be getting a little bit of lettuce soon. Yes, he likes lettuce. I know a person whose cat LOVES pepperoni, so I guess it could be worse MOL!
Skeeter and the rest of the Krew: No, Steven King horror movie would be bathing Jadzia. I swear, only the vet is going to get her wet ever again. I'm not literally risking life and limb over a bath. The last time (which was years ago) was horrible enough on her and painful enough on both of us humans to last a lifetime. I have found this wonderful powder though that works great on her and Curzon's fur (and Nimbus' too if he's not all matted up), so that helps. Brush, rub in, brush out. That easy. Well, except I tend to over-do the powder sometimes in the rush of things and spend a lot more time than need be brushing (and in Nimbus' case, patting too) it out. Nimbus has a much, much thicker coat. His coat actually more resembles the typical Coon fur that you see in Dante, Rumbles and the other Coon bloggers than either of the twins do.
Maggie May and the rest of the Creek Cats: LOTS of floof for a very big cat. I'd be curious to see how much the Rumblemum or Wendy get off of their Coons... Probably enough to knit you a nice sweater! MOL! Heck I know I probably got enough off of Nimbus today to knit his mom a nice little scarf at least! MOL!!!!!!
Derry and the rest of our friends at Fuzzy Tales: You guys have never gotten wet? How have you managed that? Your bean has GOT to spill on that one. I need to know the secret! Seriously! I am so jealous!
Brian: Oh it did, and do hope and purr that your beans don't do it to you. It's not fun - for either of you!
So anyway, I just want to say how good of a cat Nimbus was about it. Yes, he TRIED to bolt 3 times, but I've learned how to keep him from getting away, even if that means letting him jump up the side of the shower for a second until I get control of his hind end. Not once did he scratch me enough to even break skin. That in itself is amazing, but with every time I bathe him, I get better at it. I just wish that carried over to his mom and her brother. Curzon's not too bad, though he's a lot squirmier and more slippery when wet somehow (trust me, no one out-squirms Nimbus any other time, there's a reason one of his nicknames is wiggleworm MOL). Luckily, Curzon rarely needs a bath, and even when he does, a powderbath usually works. Has anyone tried those bath wipes that are supposed to do the same job without all the water? How well do they work?
So I'm off to catch up on a couple things and try to regain my energy from the BooWrestling. I have a busy day planned for tomorrow since my "hunting days" have been switched around a tad. I do hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And, purrs to all the victims of the recent severe weather and flooding over here in the US this weekend and all those affected by the oil rig explosion. And MEGApurrs for Herman and KarenJo. We're still purring for ya, pal! Get well soon!

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