Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Note...

Hey folks, TSB here. I know I've been bad on getting pictures up this week, sorry. Wee case of a headache and a MAJOR case of the cold, cloudy rains outside - makes for one miserable human and 3 cats that just want on my lap NOW. They'll get their wish - soon as Nimbus' poke and shot time comes and goes.
Speaking of Nimbus, hopefully by this time next week I'll have good news. It seems the vet agrees something is terribly wrong with the cat (well, if you needed 4x the insulin you were getting a month ago, something'd be wrong with you too) and so the fix is in the mail. The nurse said that she might be calling, and that's a good thing. I really need to talk to the vet. I also need to get Boo's chart updated so I can mail it to her so she can see... I've been really lax on it, ever since I started haggling with him trying to get him in the right spot. Ha, we see where that got me. I still need to shoot for getting him in to see her in a couple weeks (as I'm going to need flea medicine too) for a check-up. He's such a good cat, I can't complain one bit. He is the easiest patient I could've ever asked for. And he's mine all mine! MY baby boy! Well, ok, actually he's Mr. Cat's baby boy... but he's still my baby. Always will be.
I am so jealous of the Rumblemum. Not only does she have two very handsome mancats herself, she got to snorgle Misha! That's so not fair! I wanna snorgle Misha! Buttt......... If the Rumblemum would be so kind, I'll take RumbleSnorgles in a heartbeat! I'll have to put the boys away though as I'm sure at least Curzon will get very territorial and jealous. He's quite the protector of his domain. *sigh* one day I'm going to hit the lotto and go on a catblogosphere snorgletour! Now that sounds like a plan!

*ahem* Jadzia interrupting here. Would you just give the runt his shot a bit early, because I want my cuddles! It's only an hour!
*thwap* Back off, sister. I had first dibs on her lap! MINE!

HEY! Both of you! I have room for both of you. Curzon gets lap cuddles and Jadzia can cuddle in my arm. Now would you both quit clawin' me up? Thanks.
Now, as you can see, I have to take care of some business here. Be well everyone and stay dry!

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