Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff and Friends

Wow lots of things to get to today.
We participated in our first twitter party, and despite the glitches and lag, it was quite fun! But so many of you are from the other side of the world, it was hard to see our bestest furiends for very long! Thanks to Rumbles and all the others that helped us out along the way!
We have some new friends to introduce you to. We KNOW ya'll know some of them (some we even knew just didn't realize we hadn't posted them on our roll), but others we just came across. TSB is too lazy to do anything more than copy and paste their links, but that's better than nothing, right? As always, we'll leave comments shortly.
To those of you that stumble over here from Twitter, you should be able to leave a comment using your twitter account on the comment system. If not, leave us a note there or shoot us an email and we'll figure it out.
So without any further ado, here goes!
We also want to send along a belated happy furday and gotcha day to all of those we've missed lately. Our mum is a bit lax on the surfing and keeping up for us, but we love TSB anyway.
We hope everyone has had a good weekend and we hope to see everyone again soon, though we don't know how much TSB is going to be up for. There's apparently some "issues" going on around here with these poor humans and so she doesn't know how much "stuff" she's going to get done (ie laundry etc). We definitely think she just needs to grow furs! MOL! What can we say, CATS RULE!
Oh and hip hip horray for the House Panthers sticking around! Yes, TSB is slightly keeping up to date... SLIGHTLY!

- All of us

Edit: We went back to 3 columns instead of 4, for the simple reason we wanted our GKC and NKC club badges to be full sized, and not shrunken. So we put them with our (most favorite) footer and let them be full sized! Now they can be in their full bootiful size, adored by all, as we think the beans behind them are incredibly talented!
By the way, Inigo, I'm not in GKC trouble for the shredding am I? TSB made me do it, I swear it! She said it was good for me! If it's bean-sanctioned, it's cool right? - Nimbus
Oh and since the runt got a word in, I am too! Rumbles, thanks for bein' so cool last night (our time) - that pawty was cool! Maybe next time it won't be way past TSB's bedtime and we'll get to gang up on your too-good-for-his-own-good brother! MOL! - Jadzia

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