Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trying to Keep the Peace

Curzon: Ok so now that TSB has us on twitter... what's left for us? Oh wait, I shouldn't ask that. TSB will think of something. MOL! So here's what's on my agenda today: TSB came home from hunting sore and tired, but she scored some box deodorizer for us, so I am totally happy. So the plan is to snuggle up with her all day and make her make me get up to take care of MiniMe (I think that's what I'm going to call the boy now... maybe if I start calling him that, he'll get over this whole "good cat" thing... doesn't he realize cats are SUPPOSED to be naughty? MOL). I even took a page out of the great Domino Playbook: I made sure I walked onto TSB's lap as slowly as I could, doing as many yoga stretches as I could. TSB loves that little cutie (and I can't blame her, she's so adorable!) so I thought that would help lighten the mood.
Jadzia: You are sooo NOT hogging her lap. I know you had her first, but she's mine too you know.
Curzon: You can snuggle in next to her, but her lap is mine today. I need to make sure she rests, and frankly sis, you're not big enough for that job.
Jadzia: Like you are... you're a midget anymore compared to the boy.
Curzon: EVERY cat is almost. He's a freak of nature, or something! How'd he get so big? What in the world was he fed that we weren't?
Nimbus: I'm just spoiled, admit it. I got the very best of the health care system.
Curzon: You got lucky, kid. Most beans wouldn't go through what ours have with you. We're all lucky.
Nimbus: I know, that's why, unlike you two, I behave! I don't fight my medicine (too much). I don't eat plastic and other inedible things (like you). I don't fight as badly in water than either of you do. I make sure I keep watch over both of our humans when they're resting. I make sure they know when we're out of food.
Jadzia: Yes and you get sick a lot, worry us and the beans (especially TSB), and mat up constantly.
Nimbus: I do not! It's only during shedding season!
Curzon: Which is all the time for you! You shed more than both me and sis do combined!
Nimbus: Well I got more fur than both of you and am bigger than either of you easily!
Curzon: And I can still whoop your rump right into the wall, so I'd just shush if I were you.
Nimbus: And let me remind you that since I was a kitten, I've been outsmarting you at every curve.
Jadzia: See, that's your problem boy. You think too much. It's supposed to be FUN not COMPLICATED. Remember you could be stuck as a human instead. Would you want to be one of those furless apes?
Nimbus: I don't know. I think I'd do just fine.
TSB: Let's not go there, ok? Now let's all behave...
Curzon: Yeah, sis! Stop stirring up trouble!
Jadzia: Why don't you just shush so TSB can get to posting that pic she's been wanting to from the archive for us?
TSB: Yes, Nimbus was once that tiny. MOL!
Peace everyone!

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