Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PC Update

Well, since Monday's storm, the PC is dead - however, even  though the PC is off, the keyboard light is still on! It shouldn't be - right? WTH? Oh this is so frustrating. I hate having to go so long without showing pics - and there's about 200 pics on the PC that I don't think made it to the PDA, though I'm not sure. I'm not sure if the PC is even salvageable, though it still TRIES to boot up, it goes through the motions to boot in safe mode but it gets stuck. I'm so frustrated. And then Nimbus goes and does a big ol spike today, so that's got me frustrated too. Won a contest at work, but what good does it do?
Here's a handsome face that I posted ages ago to tide everyone over. And thank you, Mr. Cat, for letting me borrow your laptop. *hugs*


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