Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's going on - Nimbus edition

Howdy folks! Wow I had one heck of a day! Me & Curzon snoozed next to TSB for a good long while - before which, we actually got treats! Then at the end of the snooze, TSB woke me up - which I usually hate but not this time - with a brushing! She says she got enough fur off of me to make TWO kittens! HELP! No kittens! Then she tells me... Sheesh! Don't scare me! Of course you got a lot of fur off of me, there's a lot of me! She even called me a good boy because I let her brush (most of) my underside without a fuss. Then, most importantly, she fed us! She says now that we're on 3x daily feedings, I'm doing better number-wise. She's still telling me I need to work harder so I don't need as much insulin. Something 'bout green papers.
So that's how my day went, how was yours?

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