Sunday, September 26, 2010

FB that doesn't fit on the Wall

Facebook asks, what's on your mind? Well is it ready for all that's on MY mind? I think not. I don't think it could even handle what's on my mind just from work! So let's just skip that.
Nimbus is doing so damn good! I'm so proud of my boy! In the span of a week or so he's gone from 7 units of insulin to just a hair over 5, and at this rate I might need to cut that again! I'm so proud of him, words just can't adequately describe it.
Curzon gained back the pound or two of weight he lost. OOfah the boy's getting heavy again! Why couldn't he stay UNDER 16lb? MOL probably because of the separate food stash that's MEANT for Jadzia but he eats out of too, as well as Nimbus' food! Such a little piggy (yes, boy, I called you a pig).
WHO DEY! Finally my Bengals are starting to look a little better, but let's be real. With the exception of Baltimore, these first 3 weeks haven't been as tough as they could've been. I'm not looking forward to Bengals - Steelers part 1. *gag* I hate them lyin, cheatin' bstrds (sorry if any of you are Steelers fans, but I'm sure you guys hate us Bengals just as bad MOL). Half of our season almost is division play, having to play the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns twice EVERY DAMN YEAR! WTH? And everyone wants to diss on how good we were last year, that we got lucky. I don't care how dang good you are, you go up against Baltimore and Pittsburgh TWICE each, and win every time. And even though Cleveland sucks, they still play their rears off to the very end and make you work for that big W. So don't talk to me about how my division sucks, etc. You come play it - every year - TWICE. Let's see how long you take to wilt under the pressure of such incredibly tough teams.
And what's up with suddenly-crappy-looking Favre? See, idiot, I told you ya shoulda retired long before you did the first time - and God knows retire means retire, not retire then unretire time and time again. Sheesh.
And hats off to Rodgers, who showed that he can play Favre-caliber football without all the Favre drama. Get ready to eat grass, traitor. There's a bunch of cheese just waiting to bury you in a big pile of dirt and then dump you in one of MN's 10,000 lakes! (not literally folks, don't get carried away.)
I don't know if ya'll have explored Rumbles' pics, but if you haven't, OMC ya gotta go see his kitten pics! That'll make every last one of your hoomins squee all night! And Pumpkin was such a little doll too! I have such a soft spot for kittens. Oh if only Nimbus would've stayed a kitten... But they have to grow up, and they eventually grow out of those kitten antics. His were hilarious, and if someone would've told me back then that he'd grow up into such a good cat, I'd laughed and called them a liar. Good cats don't eat bar soap, fall asleep in the litter box (ok he was still coming out of anesthesia after getting snipped, to be fair), nipping on human toes, or outwit their parents at 2 months old! Usually those are the marks of a naughty kitten in the making! But we all know how he came out... such a strong, tough soldier cat with a heart of gold and a big soft spot for the lady humans and kids that they get away with stuff that not even I can get away with and I'm his human/nurse/slave/nemesis. Sheesh.
Ok, I'm going to shut up now, before I bore everyone out of their minds.


(PS I know we lost Week 1, but when you're a Bengals fan you know a loss can easily be a blowout too.)


Mario said...

So happy nimbus and Curzon are doing so well. YAY - hope it stays that way. Oh yes, Farve - well I happen to live in the home of the Packers and we're pretty proud of Rodgers, were from day one. Farve and family did a lot for the community when they lived here and were well respected until ..........! It's too bad for the way things happened, but we definitely came out the winners!

Brian Frum said...

I sure am glad to hear that Nimbus is doing so good! YAY fur your Bengals too. That Rumbles, always a cutie!!!