Monday, September 13, 2010

Mancat Monday - Nimbus (archive) Edition

You see, Nimbus has ALWAYS been such a serious little guy - ok maybe not so much the little part. He was born with the most serious look on his face, and he's the one cat here that never smiles. It's not that he's never happy, because if you heard him purr you'd know that wasn't true. But he just never shows it. He's always looked like the whole world's going to end and it's up to him to prevent it! But I think that all comes from his job as the house bouncercat. Every time the twins get into a big boxing match, he's right there to either snoopervise that it doesn't get out of control or break it up, even if that means taking a few smacks himself. He's no wimp, he can easily defend himself. Trust me, there's no kick stronger in this place than his backkicks! I would hate to see him use one full-force, because the other cat would surely go flying. So no, he may be the Good Cat, but he makes up for what some might perceive as a weakness with incredible strength.
So here you go, I know it's an old, old picture (he was maybe 2 yrs old then), but at least I actually got around to doing a real post! *pawhugs* furiends!

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