Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh ****ing ***t!

Holy ****!!!!!
Now most of you know I grew up in Kansas (spare me the Wizard of Oz Toto jokes, I've heard them all). I've lived through my share of exciting weather (or terrifying if you're like me), including 2 severe tornados. But this takes the cake - SEVEN INCH DIAMETER HAIL! That's according to the NWS. Folks, that's big enough kill. Think about it. Seven inches - more than half a foot. Solid ice, hell might as well be a rock. You should click on the photo album they have there and see some of the pictures. It's just unbelievable - but not that much for Kansas. Just it's so unusual for SEPTEMBER! If it was springtime, it wouldn't surprise me at all. Sheesh! I have to check in on some peeps, to say the least.


Update: Guys it's even worse - it's near 8 inches! Read this article!

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