Thursday, September 9, 2010


We know most of you know already but we need to amp up the purrs another level for Sniffie. We're not ready to let the little sweetie go. There have been way too many RB angels this year, and we're just not ready to let one of our first furiends go without a big purrfight! GO SNIFFIE GO WE PURR YOU BACK TO HEALTH! *sniff*

*healing licks* too - Curzon
*nuzzles n cuddles* too - Nimbus

Tons of love from all of us!

The Clan

Just a note: It's been an incredibly rough week or so emotionally for me, but I want to thank Brian while I am writing for making sure I found out when I did and not randomly when I got around to checking my reader. Thanks for being such a good friend. And Sniffie darling, you will have a lot of company when it's your time but we believe in you, and your ability to prove the docs wrong. - TSB

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