Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9 Top Memories for Gotcha #9 - Curzon & Jadzia

A tide-me-over between gotcha days. Memories in chronological order.

1. The rescue
2. The baths - 4 or 5 back to back!
3. The reunion when Jadzia was brought in
4. Those bat ears
5. Pillow humping while waiting to get neutered (took a week to get in)
6. "8lbs already?" @ 8mos old @ neuter time
7. Holding Jadzia thru LOUD storm night before Nimbus' birth
8. Freestylin' part of the trip to Ohio
9. Gigantic Curzon vs month-old Nimbus (pic @ food bowl) - I'll post later this week

1. Trapped in a car towed across town
2. Little pudgy belly @ rescue
3. Pushing Curzon out of the way to eat 1st right after last bath
4. Whap-the-shepherd-nose (dog cornered her)
5. Ms. Escape artist - its how she got preggo
6. Giving birth 2 feet away from me
7. Mom & baby in the carrier moving to Ohio
8. Dropping him like a bad habit (Nimbus trying to nurse after Jadzia got fixed)
9. The hissing after Nimbus released from vet hospital 2006


Mario said...

What great memories you have! he he Sounds like maybe you'd like to forget a few of dem.

Brian Frum said...

Those are so fun and wonderful memories!!!

Amy & The House of Cats said...

Wow they have both been through so much!