Sunday, October 3, 2010

Norty 'R Us!

Today we decided we were going to protest TSB not taking enough photos of us by not cooperating a bit! So here's some of our "sunday bloopers" MOL!!
 I refuse to cooperate! Curzon
 I refuse to cooperate too! Too much light, now not enough. I know how to reflect light - and how not to! - Nimbus
 I make her move tons! - Curzon
 I also know when to lift my head. - Curzon

 Sometimes TSB just can't operate a camera MOL. - Curzon
 Even Good Cat Club members can protest! - Nimbus
 I am the Queen of protesting! - Jadzia
 Unfortunately she got more embarassing shots than this. Curzon
 Sometimes noises on BirdTV or HoominTV startle us.
 I'm so skiddish she can't ever guess where I'm going to be unless she makes me lay down. - Jadzia
 Protesting in tandem!
I'm warming you, hoomin!


Brian Frum said...

That's pretty funny, you were sure picking on her!

Mario said...

ha ha- dat's funny. I see all of you cooperate about as well as I do.