Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breaking news

Inigo is REALLY not doing well, prompting some changes in our plans.
1. Mancat challenge - postponed indefinitely.
2. #nipclub - I'll open as soon as possible Thurs.
3. I will be simulcasting from the #porchwithinigo. PLEASE be there.
4. Gather all your tweeps. It's time for some porch magic again.


Brian Frum said...

Oh no, I thought he was doing better. Awful.

Mario said...

He certainly does need our positive energy, love, and prayers.

Pumpkin said...

You know I'm still sitting on that porch. No offense to the rest of you mancats, but Inigo and Rumbles are my favorite boys.

Sweet Praline said...

I'm purring hard for Inigo, too!