Thursday, December 2, 2010

Da Mancats and their Ladycats

First of all, Nimbus got himself a sweet little ladycat chickie! He fell fer her hard and fast, and well, Nimbus being the charmer he is, she fell for him too! Her name is Athena and she's still healing from one heck of an ordeal!

I am so done with little ones, but luckily she's quite well on her way to being a proper princess herself, so I'm not worried about having to teach ANOTHER cat how to be proper royalty! If it all works out (and I'm betting it will), she'll make quite a princess. 

So on to my brofur. He's not like Nimbus, he's not so sure about settling down, so him and Pumpkin have a special arrangement. But that's his ladycat and there ain't no one else! They got lots in common too!
1. They was adorable babies!
2. They like the outdoors.
 3. They love watching Bird (or hoomin) TV!

4. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are so precious when they're sleeping! Total Squee-ness! Oh and the personalities... that helps. Sweet but norty. Playful but gentle. Adventurous but protective. Yep...

So, now all that's left is for me to choose my mancat out of all those squabbling for my affection! Do I go for Flufanella? King Tutti? Rumbles? Or do I throw them a curve ball and choose someone else? Or maybe I could have a blogger mancat and a twitter mancat? The competition starts next year! So mancats, see the poll up there and start thinking! The challenge starts January 1!

Queen Jadzia
Ruler of the Known Universe (albeit furry small)


AttieCattie said...

MOL, this is so cute! i loves seeing relationships grow. like mine and Lolo's... ::bats eyelashes::

Pumpkin said...

Curzon, you definitely were a cute little thing. And you grew into a very handsome mancat! I really enjoyed our walk the other day and can't wait until we can do that again. *smooch*

Lynx217 said...

Anytime sugarplum. You such a bootiful ladycat urself and you's just so
squeeable as a kitten!

Lynx217 said...

We's feelin furry lucky ourselves!

Brian Frum said...

Oh my, gonna be some luck ladies fur sure!

King Flufanella said...

I am a poet so the challange should be poety.....i would woo u with my silver tounge

Luna & Zulu T. Katt said...

sleeping is definitely the most impawtant!