Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuff and a Pic

Howdy folks!!! Well, we're another day closer to being back to wireless. TSB ordered a new PDA, and while she doesn't necessarily like the look of it, what matters is that it has built-in wifi! Added bonus being having multiple storage card slots, not that TSB needs it. She has decided to give one of her old PDA's to her "adopted mum" (those of you who have known TSB a long time know who she talkin about and why she calls her adopted mom even tho it not legally true) as a belated Christmas present. She's not sure which one though as she wants to sit down with both of them and figure out which one will work with the most of her games n stuff, because she sending down a memory card with it full of her games and proggies that mum will like. Of course, that means that TSB has to figure out how to get it shipped, considering the post office's terrible location, but she'll cross that bridge later. One thing at a time she says.
TSB has assured me also that the rumors I've been hearing about her staying home wif ME (oh ok and the ugly fat boys MOL) are indeed true! But since it'll be a new month (and year) by then, this month will go down in history as the first month TSB has ever worked straight through with only one day off. I have been begging her for a long time to rest a bit, and it seems that she's finally taking my advice!
She's also taken some of Mr. Cat's words to heart. See, he seems to think TSB makes the best burritos ever, and has been wanting them for a furry long time. But TSB doesn't care to make them sometimes as she sometimes is just too plum lazy to even think about doing anything in the kitchen! Beh sometimes we're lucky we have Mr. Cat cause otherwise we'd go without food too! So today TSB got everything she needs for burritos - and some Snickerdoodle cookie dough mix! She just loves them to pieces, but if you want to see picky, TSB is it when it comes to her cookies. She won't eat hard Snickerdoodles or ones with too much cinnamon on them. And for those of you who don't know, no Snickerdoodles aren't cookies that taste like Snickers bars - although TSB would probably love that too.
So anyways, on to a couple other things.
What's this with Favre only getting slapped with a $50k fine for failure to cooperate with a sexual harassment investigation? OMC if that was any of our hoomins, they'd be out of a job and probably being sued too! Must be nice to be rich and famous - or the kitty of someone rich and famous! MOL
And to that evil preacer who broke into one of her parishoner's home: evil, evil evil. TSB saw it on the morning show on ABC yesterday morning, and when she told us, we instantly sent all the hisses and bites we could telepathically send to that so-called person! Bad hoomin!
Ok enough of that... something cute - ok, not cute. Absolutely adorably handsome! TSB's still squeeing. Ladies and gentlemen (and anipals too!), I present to you the most handsome Prince in all da world!
Ain't he the most adorably handsome mancat ya ever saw? Yah I know I called him ugly earlier, but he's my son. I'm allowed to do that. And, *sigh*, I DO love the brat, even though he never left home and started his own family! Darn hoomins, suckers for little kittens and grey cats, and he fit both bills PERFECTLY. *grunt* Oh well. MOL

Queen Jadzia

Ruler of all Coon Cats
(at least of the ones we know)

PS: Get ready for the mancat challenge, @flufanella and @rumblepurr!


Brian Frum said...

Nice to see you gang, Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Lynx217 said...

And to all of you too, furiend!

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

My lovely dear, I have midnight smoochies for you!!

Sweet Praline said...

He is a cutie!

Jacqueline said...

Adorable photo!...We are very grateful for your friendship this past year, precious friends...We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year filled with love and joy...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Lynx217 said...

I am supposing those weren't meant for me, Rumbles. MOL teehee j/k. - Nimbus
Never mind him, he's just being a brat. I'm sure it's past midnight there!
I'll teleport u over here at midnight here for my smooch! - Jadzia

A_few_Good_Cats said...

Here's wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2011 with lots of good things, from all of us Good Cats (and our human staff too)!