Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Things

For those of you who don't know by now, the PDA's wifi is dead (blame Curzon). Hopefully we'll have that situation amended soon. TSB is going crazy - and freezing too, having to be on the PC instead of under the covers in bed on the PDA. Lazy bean.
We're supposed to get LOTS of snow tomorrow. We'll be on, just have no idea when.
Hope all our furiends had a wonderful holiday. Hope next year is even better - and without all the RB trips! We're still all cried out. We miss you Sniffie, Inigo, and all the rest of you, but most of all, TSB sorely misses her Snowflake.
But we're not leaving on a sad note, no, we refuse. Here's a picture for all of you, before Nimbus was a mancat and decided he was gonna be such a good cat. Here's a rare moment of norty from Nimbus, probably 6 months old, up way too high (probably 4' off the floor) TRYING to sneak food out of the food bag! It was just so hilarious - and still is!

TSB says if you can't be good, be good at it, but Nimbus decided to perfect being good. Silly rotten spoiled cat. But, he IS my son, and I do love him, because he doesn't attack me in bed in my sleep like my mean brofur did this morning right behind TSB's legs, much to her horror! Yes, I let the brat have it. I think that's what scared TSB the worst, my hisses were loud enough to wake EVERYONE up! All I know is that he hasn't come near me since, and that's good enough for me!

Queen Bad@**
(take THAT, brofur!)


Ladycat3 4 said...

he he - cute.

Brian Frum said...

Y'all keep plenty warm! We had the first white Christmas here since 1968!

Amy & The House of Cats said...

Hi Jadzia! We have missed seeing you as much since mom doesn't get as much visiting time anymore! We think it stinks that your mom has to use the laptop and not the PDA - staying warm is very important!! And oh that picture of Nimbus, well, even though he is being kinda naughty, we think the cute factor totally cancels the naughty out!!

Lynx217 said...

oh I wish it was a laptop... I could still be in bed!!!! It's a desktop
though... *sigh*