Monday, February 7, 2011

Kitty LUV

For some reason this didn't publish when it was supposed to, but better (way) late than never!

So there I was... at the PC... dictatin' for these spoiled rotten cats (whom I love so dearly but are truly spoiled MOL) when suddenly I ended up with this...
...a Curzon on my lap! He normally just paws at me until I pick him up and put him on my lap. Talk about spoiled. MOL. But this time he just jumped right up, like he was in a hurry! Then it dawned on me why...
His sweetie was on the screen! Yesh, he luvs his Pumpkin. I don't blame him... She IS sooo very beautiful!
So if there was any doubt left, there it is. I think it's all in the face, but I'm just a human. What do I know about kitty luv? MOL (*sarcastic giggle*)


PS: Curzon wants to make sure we ALL wish everyone a happy valentine's day, especially to his Pumpkin!

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