Friday, February 4, 2011

A No-Win Decision and A Message

First of all let me just say this isn't about winners and losers; it's all about priorities. Mine have been way screwed up too long and I've held everyone - especially you three - hostage too long during my analyzation of the situation.
I'm cancelling the challenge - probably permanently. That doesn't mean that I might not still teleport over to one of yours' place now and then. But my priorities were all wrong. While I was off trying to match my brofur and my son I was forgetting my obligation as Queen and Ladycat of the House. My first priority MUST be my son and TSB. Brofur can surely take care of himself, though he better NEVER think about wandering too far away from me! But my son, bless his heart, is fighting the hardest fight of his life and meanwhile I've been wandering around like a desperado searching the streets. Bleh, that's not my style.
TSB needs me too. Yesh, she's got the boys, but she's REALLY the Queen, she just lets ME fill the role. My obligation to her as our protector, feeder, caretaker, nurse, groomer, and alpha snuggler is infinite, especially when she needs snuggles and cuddles. While things are definitely improving here, that doesn't mean my job is over, or even close.
I cannot and WILL NOT continue to drag you three through any more time wondering when I'm ever going to make my decision. You all deserve better than that, and all of you could have any ladycat you wanted. I just have far more important issues to deal with than a search for a mancat.
I love each of you dearly, for very different and unique reasons. Rumbles is just one of the handsomest Coons ever, and one of our first CoonFuriends. His personality is so sweet that everyone just wants to cuddle him! Flufanella has a way with words that not many do, and the tabby in him just demands to be respected! Tutti is just so outgoing - and well, very outspoken! Anyone that knows me knows that I speak my mind - especially when I have to, so I just adore that in a mancat!
As you can see, it is just much too difficult for me to chose when I have so much on my "platter" at home and three mancats that all seem perfect! It's not fair to hold you mancats hostage, nor is it fair for me to ask anything more of you when I've already asked so much. But I will ask this much: You all have been pawsome furiends, let's make sure that doesn't change.
I know there will be tears shed, especially ginger tabby ones (wipes them away in advance). Trust me when I tell you that I have shed some myself as I've come to this conclusion. I so want a mancat for myself, but right now is not the time. As much as TSB is our nurse, there are just some things she cannot nurse away, it's a mom's job. So I'm going to lay here next to Nimbus and purr so he knows I love him and I'm trying to make him all better. I just hope he understands my "being mean" is just me keeping him tough and strong.
*pawhugs* to Flufanella, Tutti, and Rumbles for going on this journey with me for so long. I hope for only the best for you mancats and hope that, if I can't be the one, that you find yourself the one soon.
And on that note also, we will be taking the weekend off from Twitter, FB, and the blog. If it's urgent, we'll make sure TSB still checks our email so that's going to be your best bet to get in contact with us. We don't know when TSB will have another day off after Sunday, so we need to snuggle with her as much as we can! And our other hoomin, Mr. Cat, is having a birthday too in a few days, though we won't say which one or when for his sake. So we have LOTS of snuggling to do wif BOTH our hoomins!

Queen of the House of CoonCats


mariodacat said...

Geeesh, I wasn't even in the running!!! (walking away sad) f ha ha - tell TSB to enjoy her weekend.

Lynx217 said...

WHA?!? U'S ELIGIBLE?!? I had no idea!

Lynx217 said...

I DON’T tho.

Harry Spotter said...

Have a great weekend.

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

I know I woulda won anyway *grin*

Lynx217 said...

Aw why thankies *smooch* u such a pal!

Brianfrum said...

You are very special you highness!

Pumpkin said...

Mom's got the squirts for company, so I'm coming to you to help you take care of Nimbus & TSB. <3 Besides, then I can spend time with Curzon. *blush*