Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow there's a lot going on out there amongst the humans on Planet Purrth. We really need to purr for those in Egypt right now as they go through a very tumultuous time in their nation's history. We need to purr big time for our furiends in Australia and all the hoomins and anipals in the path of that monster cyclone or whatever they call it down there. (Sorry we just call 'em hurricanes here.) We need to purr for all the people and anipals getting snowed in and covered in ice in a very large portion of the US. And let us not forget all our furiends and hoomins who are not feeling well right now. Everyone on twitter has been pulling for Annie so much and we want to thank @danapixie so much for keeping her pawcircle going, and for all she did for Jack's pawcircle as well. We haven't forgotten about you pal and we are totally amazed at how well you've fought all you've had to go through. We know pawcircles work, Petie is living proof of that, as is Nimbus.
Speaking of Nimbus, the antibiotics aren't going very well. There's been no real change that he's been able to sustain so either this stuff isn't working and he's really sick or his pancreas isn't working as well. We will find a solution, one way or another. He's going to be fine... I just have to figure out what's going on with him. He's not acting sick; heck just yesterday he was chasing his mom across the apartment! Granted, he didn't really stand a chance of catching her, but she let him get close, and the exercise is good for the boy! Poor Jadzia though gets chased by everyone, to the point that I think she thinks we hoomins are chasing her too when we just want to pick her up or pet her!
So that's what's going on around here - an ice storm warning and surely what will amount to quite an adventure walking home from work tomorrow - NOT! But I have no worries about that, so long as I have my sneakers on. I know, it sounds weird, but I'm more stable in my sneakers because I ain't weighed down by the clunky heavy boots. I'm more afraid for my peeps back home in KS who are literally snowed in with upwards of a foot of snow in areas that normally don't even see six inches at a time! It's been a rough year for them, and this one isn't starting off any better!
So be well folks and please, from all of us to all of you, stay warm, stay safe and PLEASE, whatever you do, STAY INDOORS if you're in the path of this ferocious storm! And let's build an ark for our furiends in Australia!

TSB and the CoonClan


mariodacat said...

I sure hope they can figure out what's going on with Nimbus and fix it!! Will keep him in thoughts & prayers, and i'll be purring for him. Stay safe - sounds like your area of the country will be hit hard too. Ice is so terrible to deal with in winter.

Brian Frum said...

Oh my, I didn't know Nimbus wasn't feeling good, purrs, purrs, purrs fur sure!