Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's Mutts Strip

This is for Curzon, Jadzia, Shadow, and all the other monster shedders, especially Maine Coons, out there! MOL
Yes folks we're still alive and kicking... I just haven't been in much of a mood for even much photography lately. It's not the cats' fault, it's mine! Curzon had a MAJOR naughty tho last night - he got up on the computer desk! Now that doesn't SOUND that bad but there's not really a lot of space to be had and a lot of potential disasters waiting! And not only did he get up he refused to get down too no matter how much I yelled at him! So I had to get up and give him a tail bop to get the point across. Curzon hates anyone messing with his tail so a gentle tap on the tail, especially near his rear, tends to get his attention. If only he wasn't right in front of the computer monitor, I coulda gotten him with the water bottle, my much preferred disciplinary tool. But oh well... he got the point. I knew there was a reason I had so much crap on the desk! I clear it off and he gets up! hmmmm... MOL I will try to get back to blogging more regularly again soon, but I still have not made a twitter decision. But from what I'm hearing I'm not the only one taking a twitter break. I'm through with the drama... and I was through with it years ago. It's the exact same reason I left chat rooms over 5 years ago now. I don't have time for it, especially now. I'm still trying to deal with life without Boo. *cry* It's been such a rough year, losing Keiko, Inigo, Praline, Sniffie, Nimbus, and all the others that have gone OTRB. It's just not right, especially when they're so young and innocent, like Nimbus and Inigo especially. There wasn't a naughty bone in Nimbus' body or soul, unless you count those evil looks he gave if I let his litterbox get sub-standard! MOL. So many memories... I just can't go there right now. It helped in the beginning, but now it just makes me cry. I need to borrow a Rumbles or Shadow... or Dante! I need to borrow a big ol Coonie that's Nimmy-sized... just for a day (ok what am I saying... I prolly hold 'em hostage!) MOL!
Anyways, Peace and Purrs to all of you, I know there are a lot of sick anipals out there and a lot of hoomins going through the same icky crap I am. May we all find our way to our own peace. And thanks to @shadowwhiskee, @danapixie, @whskr, @flacatlady, @hemmingwayscat, @wildboutbirds, @holliecatrocks, @chloetoby and all the others that have been so awesome recently... and OMC I know I forgetting so many... and superpurrs to all the victims of the recent tornados in the south, midwest, and now northeast! WTF? DEADLY tornados in MASSACHUSETTS? *perfuddled* I'd understand western PA... but not that far north! *sigh* crazier things have happened. That Joplin tornado came too close to my peeps in SE Kansas though... the tornado dropped just east of them luckily but talk about being worried sick... There have been at least TWO worknights I've stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the radar for my peeps because their tv coverage and accessibility out there SUCKS. Plus, being a Kansas kid, I read radar just as good if not better than most of these dimwits on tv, especially here!

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d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

It's been hard for Rumblemum to post too. Inigo was the most lovely and kind boy, losing him has made it really hard to post, so she understands.

It's good to see you back.

Lynx217 said...

It's so good to see you here! We still think of you often and how much fun
Nimbus and Sniffie must be having together, along with Inigo. Talk about 3
musketeers - er cat-eteers! The RB must be overflowing with sweetness by now
because I can't think of a better set of good kitties! *sniff* It's just so
super-sad how we all lost them in such a short span. I got so attached...
cried each time... and then BAM, it's MY turn. PFT the RB has to wait for
the other two cause I can't do more than one a decade.. so that means one of
the twins is gonna hafta live til they're 30!!!! hahahaha! Seriously though,
thanks for stopping by. I know I haven't been leaving many comments lately
but it's just a lack of oomph to even get online anymore. Lotsa love!


Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

We never got into Twitter. We have an account, but really spent any time "tweeting". The only tweets we like are those that come from Bird TV.  

Life sure has been challenging lately.  Losing good pals (and our Sniffie), weird weather and so much uncertainty in the world. 

We're MOL @ El Shed-O!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie