Friday, July 1, 2011

Femme Friday

Welcome to July everyone!!!!
She's the little snoopervisor, especially if it involves things that the hoomins might need, like remotes, binders, paper, hands... MOL
I bought two of those grey fleece blankets on sale last month I think it was, or late May, and now I regret it because every time I see it all bunched up somewhere, for a minute I think it's Boo. *wah* near same shade of grey... What was I thinking?
 She's such a darling little girl (ok, not so little for a girlcat, but compared to Curzon yes).
Caught in mid-itch!


Trish said...

I think that Lady Cats tend to be eviller...and I love 'em for it!

Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

Happy July!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Brian Frum said...

I can tell that July is happy to see you too!

mariodacat said...

Cute pictures.  Yes, what  were you thinking?  Next time go for red!