Sunday, July 17, 2011


'Nuff said?
Maybe not, so for anyone not fast enough to catch onto it... here it is as plain as possible. We are returning to twitter tomorrow - but we will not have any part of any drama. There has been too much as of late. We're also handing in our keys to #nipclub as it has become apparent that our trademark spontaneous pawties are no longer welcome. We have been made to feel unwelcome, and so shall we be. Now Curzon will of course appear now and then when his ladycat @pumpkinpuddy requests his presence if at all possible but we feel it is time to move on. TSB is our typist, and any drama directed towards us is going to land on her as well. She's still a grieving cat mom, as we are too still grieving, and the LAST thing any of us needs is any more drama. Cod knows there's plenty of that IRL for TSB. It's our job to protect her, and so we shall. This is why TSB took a long hiatus, and why Homey took over twitter for a while as TSB decided whether or not to return at all. We all shall protect her, so please, do not bring upon any more drama... we will not allow it. TSB has given everything to our well being and fought so valiantly to save our young prince. The last thing she needs is one more harsh word - she's had plenty over the course of his illness (oh yes, she heard lots of negatives, not from tweeps so much but definitely from uncaring insensitive humans).
Speaking of Nimbus, as you all may have noticed, he's very, VERY busy OTRB. Between his gallivants across the universe with @tabbyteztweets, keeping Inigo and Sniffie company, and helping new OTRB furiends (especially our beloved Jack) settle in, he's much too busy to be thinking about anything here - that's what we're here for, to make sure things here continue smoothly in his absence. Also, he has made known to us that he believes it to be completely unfair and detrimental to TSB's grieving process to ask her to continue typing for him - the tears still flow like a river every time she even tries. So we're putting the brakes on everything right now, for TSB's sake. We know this will hurt people, and we are so very sorry. But TSB is our top priority, and in reality, we too are still so very sad, though we try to hide it from TSB.
So that is that. We will return to twitter tomorrow, albeit very sporadically as we have yet to figure out how to type. We can turn on the computer and move the mouse, but typing is a bit more complicated with these big paws MOL! A special thank you to @shadowwhiskee @chloetoby @holliecatrocks and @hemmingwayscat for helping us keep an eye on TSB and for being there for all of us, and a special thank you to Hollie for keeping an eye on our Prince.
Peace to all of you.

Curzon and Jadzia

PS: Those following us on FB might have noticed something that TSB won't let us near. PFT... here's what it is for those of you who don't know... BABY ROBINS! PFT! More like nommy snacks!


pag4usc said...

I don't do the Twitter thing, even though I set up an account for Sweet Praline.  Don't push yourself to write for Nimbus if it's too much for you.  There were several days that I didn't want to write a post for Sweet Praline after she went to the Bridge, but I made a promise to post memory posts until her 3rd blogoversary.  It was a healing process for me, but I still have my rough days.  I'm sure Nimbus and Praline and both looking down on us and watching over us.

Mom Paula

pag4usc said...

The comment above was from Mom Paula (Sweet Praline)

Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

Mom keeps saying she's going to do more Twitter, but she hasn't really gotten the hang of it.  Maybe that's for the best!!

Those little fev-vers are we mean cute!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Lynx217 said...

Yep we know Nimbus & Praline are hanging out together!

Little Crow said...


Brian Frum said...

Welcome back! I've just stuck to my rescue stuff on twitter, that's plenty to keep these paws busy!

Lilyluwhot said...

I'm glad you're coming back, I've missed you LOTS! I have a hard time typing myself-make lots of typos but hey-I'm a kitteh! Give TSB a big (((HUG))) frome me. Welcome back!!!
Love ya!

Ryker The Tonkinese said...

Purrrrsonally, we completely understand about the tears flowing and tweeting for OTRB kittehs. Ryker's death was so sudden for Mommy...and honestly, her tweets were channeling his antics, too, which is hard to do without him there! She tweets mostly our stuff now. 
You do what's best for you!!!