Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some More Robin Pics

Some of you have seen these pics, some haven't, so I'm posting them up for everyone to see!

 Mommy (or Daddy) bringing more food... Telling them apart was almost impossible. The only difference between the two is one had a white DOT on his/her tail and the other had a white SPLOTCH. UGH.
 Chick #3 head hanging #1 behind him, #2 off to the side.
 #3 was the grouchy one obviously. And the most spunky.
 #1 and 2 I think
 1 or 2

#1 and #2 fledged within hours of each other, #1 while I was at work the day after he fell out of the nest, #2 shortly after I got home. I missed them both! The following day I think it was #3 fell out of the nest but I discovered rescuing him wasn't going to be so easy! I chased him across the parking lot under cars you name it to get him back... just to have him fledge shortly afterward! *sigh*

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