Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flashback Thankful Thursday (a wee early)

It's been a long time since TSB's been able to do it, but we're doing it just once. We are very thankful that Nimbus had 8 wonderful years with us, even though the last bit was so rough. We're also thankful that we got to experience being a whole family, and not just the humans and us twins. I know I was rough on the boy, but he turned out just as I'd hoped. I miss him dearly, as does my brother... but none more than TSB. We know this post will be very rough on her but we hope she'll forgive us this once for asking her to go down memory lane with us.
He was always a lanky cat... And serious! Just look at that face!
Now that is lanky! And to think... he wasn't even a year old in this picture!
He was such a cute little boy!!! He couldn't fully see out of those eyes yet but OMC his whiffer worked perfectly and them paws... look at them!
For a cat that loved water as much as he did, you'd never know that when he was a baby he was absolutely DISGUSTED by the mere THOUGHT of having to TOUCH water! This was the second time he approached water, the first time, earlier in the day, he did the exact same thing: sniffed it, touched it, and shook it off his paw so completely offended!
And among the things he did best, was PLAY! He loved the string thingie we all call the whip. Nimbus excelled at it, even as a kitten, to the point he could turn on a dime with just his front half without his back half even moving! He loved that toy, and while he wasn't big on dragging things around and yapping about it (unlike my brofur), the whip was the ONE thing he'd drag around and around, even if a human was on the other end of it! Look at them paws!
*sniff* we all miss him but on this Thursday, we cherish the memories of our beloved boy...
Crown Prince Joseph A Nimbus of Iowa
August 23, 2002 - March 17, 2011
Rest in Peace, my son.

Queen Jadzia


Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

What a sweet post!!!  Sometimes memories, hard as they are, are healing.  That's why Mom does Flashback Femme Fridays with Sniffie.  We don't know if that bothers people, but it helps us.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Amy & The House of Cats said...

Oh what a wonderful trip down memory lane - and oh what a cute little baby Nimbus was (and of course he grew into such a handsome mancat!) Our mom understands why TSB has a hard time posting it - our mom was like that with Floyd too. But she did eventually find that even though it made her sad to go down memory lane, it was also wonderful to remember the happy times. Maybe TSB will feel that way some day too - but if not, that is ok too.