Sunday, September 11, 2011

URGENT Twitter Party Announcement

I apologize for the quick nature of this, but due to the unforseen reunion of @holliecatrocks and Monkey, I am introducing that there will be a #gigglefest2011 to help us all deal with all the recent anipals going otrb lately. Unlike other pawties however, this one will cater to anipals and humans alike! We truly believe that laughter is the best medicine, so join us around the campfire (don't worry, no wildfires will be started by the big bonfire) as we laugh about all the silly antics our anipals have done while they were here with us. I will be leading this pawty, in Monkey's honor.

Our human comfort-food menu includes salads, fish and chips, potato chips and dip, kielbasa, brats, hot dogs, hamburgers (and cheese), many flavors of jello and pudding, pizzas (including anchovy), LOTS of pies (we got a feeling a naughty kitty or two might throw one or two), donuts, crackers, chicken noodle and tomato soups, LOTS of ice cream, meatloaf, maccaroni and cheese, chocolate, and chicken!

Of course, all of our anipals are welcome to the humans' food (especially the chicken LOL), but we have special bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs, catnip cake, many bowls of milk, and all the other noms you would expect at any pawty!

And you can't forget about the drinks! We have enough alcohol to get any human so trashed that they pass out! We've got gin, rum, beer, wine, vodka, and schnopps... And a lot more stuff that TSB has no idea where to put it all! And of course, we got the sodas to go with it, and coffee and ginger ale too for those weird humans like TSB that don't drink! For the kitties, well, let's just say that TSB pulled out her barktender kit... so if you can have it ANYWHERE else furiends, we're sure TSB has it somewhere.

So we hope you can join us! We'll start around 1pm or so EST. I hope you can join me, Inigo, Sniffie, Hollie, Jack, and all of the rest of the gang as we try to help everyone through this very difficult time.

Lots of Love from the Bridge,

Crown Prince Joseph A. Nimbus of Iowa
OTRB crash-pad host (I'm not the only one)


Florida Furkids &Angel Sniffie said...

Oh no....our slacker Mom just saw this and we missed it :(
We hope Sniffie wasn't too mad at us for not showing up!!  

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Did I miss this or is this still to happen? There's no date in your post. *hugs*

mariodacat said...

A giggle fest is just what the doc ordered.