Thursday, December 1, 2011

PICS and stuff

Sorry for being so quiet as of late, blame TSB!

 How does she even sleep like that? OWWWW - TSB
 Hai!!!!!! Yesh?
 The last thing a mousie sees before I NOM him! - Cur
 Can we go now?
 *snorkelpurr* I love you, TSB!
 My hoomin!
 No, stinky brofur, MY hoomin! (Don't ask how I can even tell that the other one is Cur except I took the pics MOL - TSB)
 Weather Channel is fine, TSB, just please don't get up again!
 No, you is NOT allowed to sit here, TSB!
I love my sisfur... even tho she mean to me! I still keep her clean!

So what else is going on... Not too much. Brofur still misses the Boy tremendously and makes sure everyone else hears about it at night, but when TSB calls, he comes. We've been making sure no introoder comes near our hoomins. She gave us stinky goodness a couple days ago but it wasn't nearly enough! But Mr. Cat made a pot roast and he made sure we got some of the meat, so it's all good! It seems like every one he makes is even better than the last but they're always so good! TSB says she might make another meatloaf before long so maybe if we team up we can con - er ask - her for some of that too! 
A note from @hemmingwayscat - she is so thankful for every penny you guys have donated and apologizes for not being around much. But between all the stuff she has to do for the shelter and looking for housing for her whole family, it's just hard. We will keep you posted though! As soon as she gives our hoomin the good news we'll be sure to pass it along!
So that's all that's going on around here, same old boring us. There are probably a few pics on the camera that TSB is too lazy to get up to get but we'll save them for another post. Meanwhile we have to get TSB to quit making her phone act funky! MOL 3rd one this year... we understood dumping the one.... it's reception was pathetic. But TSB, come on... two in like 4 months? We need someone to blame so we just gonna lay on her phone so she cant use it!

The Twins


brandi said...

I LOVE snorkelpurr!!  That is soo " I love you now pet me and/or feed me".

Takie said...

Nice photos! your looks so great.

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