Thursday, February 23, 2012

Part 2 RATED PG13!!!

Hey, TSB here. Its apparently dinnertime for the boy lol. So, as we transition from when he was just a little baby to a young mancat in training, I shall share some of my favorite memories of the boy.
He was a runt of a kitten, and both of us humans were really starting to think for a while that he was going to be a runt his whole life. After his fur finally figured out how to calm down (there was a point in time that he looked like kitten einstein but he was smart too so it fit lol), he grew a bit but then he just seemed to be stuck in place for the longest time!
 Yes I loved my mommy from the very beginning. Crazy fur tho I tell you!

 Snoopervising Mr. Cat
 HELPING! I swear! I was just trying to HELP!

 Yes, I owned crazy fur AND taking it easy, even as a kitten!

He was agile though an even for being the little one in the house! 
He didn't let his size hinder him come wrasslin' time, holding his own and using his strong back legs to his advantage. And in all fairness he wasn't really THAT little, just compared to the CoonTwins he was! But that didn't last too long.

 I learned from the best (Uncle Curzon)...
 ...and made sure mama knew it! MOL
Coons can take upwards of 5 years to fully grow and mature, and just like Curzon he used up all of that final year too! For a time it seemed he was growing with every nap! And those paws... geez they were huge, especially as he approached full size! At least he grew evenly and not say, ears first like Curzon did. And with the big body and personality came the purr, the loudest deepest purr I've ever heard. Its no exaggeration to say you could hear it across the room. It was loud. But if a purr could ever sound happy, his did. We humans made sure all he ever knew was love, even if that meant threatening to beat the crap out of someone. It worked too, but not so much because of that. He had a way with people. With people that stayed overnight that just weren't cat people, they'd wake up with a purring Boo on their chest head in their face just happy as can be. That tends to melt people. And cat haters, well they tended to get legrubbed, and in one case in particular the twins got in on it and love swarmed the poor fella! Talk about being resigned to admitting cats like ya! Lol... And kids... especially little girls. Now Coons are known to be great with kids, but we never exposed him to wee ones when he was little. But Nim had such a patient tolerance with them, especially girls! He'd let them (gently) grab his tail (I always was right there - yes I'm that overprotective of all my babies) and dart off and turn right around and come back purring! It was all a game to him and he loved playing it! But even boys he was good with just he tended to stay a little closer to me.
He was such a lickaholic. I think he inherited it from Curzon and then amplified it because he just wouldn't stop once he started! And if you had jewelry on your hand or wrist he had to try to free you from it (and yes he'd accidentally fang you too if it was a ring he was trying to get). But it was just so hilarious and cute I had a hard time stopping him, but many times I had to because it felt like he was about to lick the skin right off of me! But he wasn't just a lickaholic, he was a cuddleholic - on his terms of course. He loved taking naps on one of the fleece blankies with Mr. Cat especially if I wasn't napping with him - he was guardcat first and foremost! I don't think he ever fully mastered the whole guardcat job though he slept in the living room anytime us humans were both in bed usually, as Curzon tended to dominate the whole protection aspect. But Nimbus was an awesome first line of defense! He also was known for sleeping with or at least near Curzon, making for some incredible pictures.
He was always so serious, looking like the whole world rested on his shoulders. If us humans got in a disagreement or Mr. Cat had the saddies, he would be right there purring. He'd be right there while Mr. Cat would be dj'ing for us, making sure he didn't play too many sad songs and played lots of rock and roll. But he just loved music period, just like his humans!
Being an indoor cat since birth he didn't share the twins' love of the outdoors, but like Curzon, he'd stick to the porch if he was out. He wasn't much for BirdTV either, though mostly as he got so big it was more because he couldn't make that jump! I think it was one of those things he just grew out of. He was usually much too busy getting his fur just right, perfectly clean and straight for BirdTV anyway.

 BirdTV watchin when I was a wee kitty


TSB always seemed to catch me in the act of my wrasslin' my furs!
He learned quick about what the scratching post was for although we did have to get him off of the back of the computer chair many times through his life. What his fascination was with it, well I never did figure out. He wasn't a lap cat; he hated forced snuggles! But that scratching post... even when he was at his biggest he'd climb up it like he was still a kitten! He loved being on the top of it.

When he was a kitten he'd get up there and then get up on top of the cupboards from there. As he got older and we'd moved he all but forced us to put the pole back in the post because he'd managed to knock it over and into the roommate's door! He loved being high and playing get the human's finger or whatever they sent up! There were many an unintended injury from those games, and there's many things here with his "mark" on them!
Nimbus followed Mr. Cat everywhere, including into the bathroom when Mr. Cat took a soak. He'd hang out with me sometimes but not as much or as long as he would with Mr. Cat. When he got older he took a liking to drinking bathwater too, so we had to make sure that the tub was clean so at least he wouldn't get sick. And the hotter the water the better. Yes he was a weird one... But we loved him so unconditionally.
That tub in Oh-IO was awesome! What can I say?
Now back to letting him share more of his life's memories with you.
Wow she let me get back to telling my story!
I always loved heights, from the moment I could climb! Once I mastered the little stuff as a kitten, I eventually realized that wasn't going to be enough. So I went higher - WAY higher. Mr. Cat brought his handmade scratching post home one day and I found myself in nirvana! I could get within a few inches from the ceiling and see everything, or continue over to the tops of the cainets where I could hide and snoop (until TSB found me out). I could also get IN the bottom half of the scratching post and eother take swipes at unexpecting passerby's or chill out all by myself. As I got bigger and could reach the higher hole, it was a good spot to play with TSB too!
I always loved those furless apes called humans, because mine made sure only cool ones came close to us cats (or risk getting attacked by the nost overprotective fierce little human you ever saw lol). But some were special, like the one that was a dog guy but didn't dislike cats just wasn't a fan. Well the first night he stayed with us, he woke up to find me on his chest purring as loud as I could! Yep, conversion number one. Even cat haters didn't stand much of a chance because that's when all three of us teamed up! I loved kids too like all Coons are supposed to! My Mom is just entirely too shy and Curzon was sexist until he got much older (let's just say I learned how to flirt and be a ladies mancat from him). But I just loved being around humans, and there was always something exciting to be around for! Like the time Curzon dragged out TSB's un... (SHUT UP BOY! That's still embarassing!) ...ummm let's just say something no one's meant to see!
But once or twice I got caught airing out my supposed-to-be-hidden parts, usually when the humans were voluntarily drowning themselves - something they call "soaking" - and I was hanging out with them before they had my little bits stolen! But I'm assured it happened as I got older too. I'm glad I don't remember lol.
I wasn't always a big cat. I didn't poof like TSB says Curzon did. As I grew it soon became time to start putting the twins in their place. They were becoming a little rough so I had to show them I wasn't their little slapping kitten anymore! This became especially helpful in my later years when Mom started becoming meaner. I had to straighten her out! But Curzon too would get a little too mean at times and I would have to show him my size too! But that was a bit more rare as usually I would end up splitting the twins up, especially towards the end when I decided my boxing days were all but over. It wasn't that I was feeling old or anything, it was just that I had more important things to do! Mr. Cat needed a "copilot" and TSB needed to know that everything was going to be okay!
But I still had fun, sometimes at TSB's expense! I'll let her explain... *laughs hard*
We had a large tv at the time, and 2 big speakers on top of it. Neither of the twins had showed any interest in getting up and we thought that Nim was still too small to make the kind of jumps needed so we figured our little figurines would be safe... oh what a mistake that was. I still have no idea how he did it without scratching anything or knocking anything off (his weave around our Bastet figurine was beautiful) much less silently! I almost freaked when I first discovered him, and then I was shocked. I also realized, much as he loves me, Mr. Cat would never believe that stunt without proof so I had to get pictures! So I took a couple quick pictures and then delicately plucked him off the tv! I told him that he was a naughty boy for making me freak like that but I still loved him, and he never did try that again.

 Ok, I'm back.
TSB did some silly stuff too. Like laughing at me a lot! You'd think I was some comedy act the way she laughed at me the first few years of my life! Like when they brought me home after my wee bits had been stolen and I fell asleep in the litterbox - its what they get for bringing home a still half-sedated kitty! And the first time she put different litter in the litterbox and I tried to eat a piece - it's what she gets for putting weird looking stuff in my box! (Curzon would repeat that stunt many years later with the same effect almost.)
As I got older I heard rumblings of changes afoot in my little world and then suddenly Mr. Cat left! TSB always told me he'd be back for us but he had to go far away to hunt! They talked on them big voice machines a lot and on the small ones too! And that little thing that stuck up out of TSB's - she called it an antenna - was most fascinating, so I nommed it! Mr. Cat came back briefly a month or two after he left, and we had a long talk. Mr. Cat told me he had to leave again but when he came back we'd all be back together. I was happy with that - until he came back and THEN told us that we were moving to our NEW home! Well, that quaint little place in Ohio was the only home I'd ever known so I made sure my displeasure was well known. But I was unable to change anyone's mind. But it all worked out.

 Me and my Uncle, just hanging out. I was still a wee lad, only a couple of years old, but already catching up!


One more funny story - in pictures - before we go today! Pardon the naughtiness, but it was LONG before I was Good Kitty Club VP!


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That was PG alright...Pretty Good and I sure enjoyed it. I'll bet that was a bit scary when you had to movea,

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HOORAY!!! You guys are back!!

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MOL, teh indecency was teh bestest part.

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Good Kitty Club VP? MOL!! I am impressed! Purrs