Friday, March 23, 2012

A thought or two

Its hard to believe its been over a year now since we lost our baby but it has. I know there's a lot of sick kitties, some perhaps worse than the boy. My decision to send him on wasn't easy. Perhaps if I had the money (and it likely would've taken thousands and made him endure a long car ride) I could've done more. But the trauma would've been tremendous on his extremely weak body and the chances for success not the best. He fought like the soldier he was until the very end. I refuse to make an animal suffer unnecessarily when the odds aren't in their favor by a long stretch. If the vet had told me there was something else we could try I would've considered it. I was nowhere near ready to let go. But he was very very weak, to the point he couldn't even walk a few feet to the cat box. This is no way for a cat to live, or any animal for that matter. And I truly believe they will tell you when they are ready to go, and that face said it all. His normally piercing warm face was empty, devoid of any signs of life almost. I did what I felt I had to do, despite every ounce of my being screaming no because I was just too attached and not ready to admit defeat. I'm not by any means saying my choice is right for anyone else but in the same breath I am saying quality of life is just as important if not more than quantity.
And my little Boo pendant that was given to me last year? Boo hasn't not been with me since whether he's in my pocket or wallet. And while I'm at it, to all who sent little treasures this time last year, thank you again. The warmth that they brought truly helped ease the pain that was piercing my soul.
And to everyone out there that lost their own babies last year - there were lots and I think it really started with Inigo sadly though I can't remember for sure - what a year its been but we made it. We made it because our babies need us and because we as a community have each other's back when times are tough. Let's always keep that in mind and carry that forward wherever we go. The CB is the best and proof that CATS RULE AND DOGS DROOL!!!!!!


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BrianFrum said...

Nimbus lives in our hearts always. Hugs to you from all of us.