Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mobile blogging

*yawn* good morning everyone. We have decided that if we can't get tsb to get on her computer we're stealing her phone. So if you see typos or punctuation errors that's why.
Tsb had a furry long day of hunting last Sunday and we knew she would even though she didn't. She was so tired when she finally got back she could barely move and was asleep the moment she laid down. So we gave her a moment of cuteness before she left lol. (Btw we have no clue where in the post the pic will end up sorry.)


Nerissa from Nerissa's Life said...

Must be difficult to type with your paws on a phone.  How do you work that?  Do you use just your claws?

Lynx217 said...

Naw we use our paws and claws to control tsb's fingers and if she doesn't type what we want we put a wee nom on her!

BrianFrum said...

Ya done good, we have not had any luck mobile blogging at all !