Monday, June 11, 2012


Ok first of all we were being lighthearted. Its what cats do. If TSB were a buddhist do you think she'd eat animals like cows and chickens? Come on people!
Secondly, what if she was? That doesn't give anyone the right to say that they're wrong. The cat blogosphere is made up of many people of many different faiths or none at all. We do not judge them based on that but by how they treat each other and the ones entrusted to their care. Let's all remember that.



BrianFrum said...

Yep, I agree and then some!

brandi and Mama Carol said...

It was amusing.  Really.  Most of us were amused. And we are here to entertain each other. To encourage each other. There are many tears we share, but we all support each other. That's pretty much what religion is, what ever faith, and decent and loving what ever your belief or non belief.
Love and hugs,
brandi and Carol