Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nip! (doh forgot title 1st time)

We didn't get the chance to tell you what our second pressie was! It's our own catnip growing kit from @babypatches' store! TSB got it the Monday after the cigar came but didn't open it up for a couple days. Well this morning she found the first sprout, and a few minutes ago she found the second! The soil is so loose and mooshy right now that she has a feeling by the morning we're gonna have lotsa sprouts! Or at least soon! She wants to wait a few days or at least until we get more sprouts to let it have sunshine - not that we've had any of it lately. So now in a few days she has to go shopping for a bigger pot and some soil so she can transplant it... and a way to keep us out of it hehehe because she can't let it sit outside where stoopid hoomins might whack it down with their noisy outdoor machines or other animals nom it up before we can! We is almost as excited as TSB is to have something of hers actually GROW hahaha.

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BrianFrum said...

A home grown NipFest, cool!