Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello all, TSB here.
We are fine. I thought briefly this afternoon we were going to have to evacuate because of the sheer rate at which the creek was rising. But miraculously as quick as she came up, she stopped. The parking lot is void of vehicles for obvious reasons except the late roomie's dead truck which was a good flood gauge. The creek did a secondary rise this evening prompting me to get vehicles further away from the creek. So I got soaked as I led neighbors around the only way that wasn't under water. Of course now the creek is back in the banks... go figure! But that's because the eye wall sat on us and stopped the rain so the creek could catch up. Once this storm starts lifting we will be right back here again if not worse. I have the little carrier ready as well as provisions for a couple days should the need still exist. My job will probably be closed tomorrow for the first time ever... they finally wisened up and shut us down about dinnertime. My boss is well aware of my situation and has been understanding.
If I said I wasn't scared today I would be lying. But remember I'm no coastal chickie, I'm a midwestern flatlander! Even after getting through Irene this is still foreign. We are ok though and my nerves are what I draw on to get ready. Never panic; that's a fatal error. This too shall pass and we will rebuild. God willing, it won't get any worse. But even if it does, we are Americans; we are a tough, resilient people who help each other out when times get tough.
May each of you stay dry and remember to carry a brick so you don't blow away! Lol



@mariodacat said...

Happy to hear you are okay.   Was thinking about you also so this is good news.

BrianFrum said...

I sure am glad you all are okay!