Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Loss of a Woofie Legend

We were saddened to read yesterday on Mario's blog of the passing of @frugaldougal. As all of the twitterverse knows, he did more for anipals in his short lifetime than most any hoomin does for any charity in their whole lifetime. He was a dear friend of ours, and someone we cared about so deeply we are once again coming out of a semi-twitter vacation albeit briefly for him.
The anipal community no doubt will miss him and we hope that everyone will come together and realize that love transcends all. That is the ultimate legacy of our little woofie furiend; that love conquers all.
We will miss ya pal, and we hope your mansion is as big and gorgeous as you were here.


Cheryl Lincoln said...

We saw that he went to the Bridge.  So many are crossing over these days.  Very sad.  Thank you for the kind words about our Joey and for offering to chat with Mom - she will email you herself.

Brian106sc said...

We were very sad about sweet Dougal. My Dad spent some time with Mom Lynn and that love with her Dougsl was so special. We will alll miss our pal.