Friday, March 8, 2013


Edit: Mama got the needed rss added. and desktop blogger SUX. mol

Mama has decided on a nickname for her Kindle: SpeedyK. Why? Because she says it does anything she wants it to faster than her computer. But we don't get it. It doesn't even run like a hamster does (she used to have a hamster named Speedy). But it has helped her help us blog (even though she's doing this one on her phone), so perhaps we shouldn't complain.
Mommy is almost back to normal. She still has occasional bouts of nausea and dairy is still an issue but so far so good. We are just shy of three weeks from when she got the diagnosis and she's down to her last real obstacle. We can't say how glad we are that she's feeling better. We are still keeping an eye on her but we aren't having to hover as much.
Blogger/Google seems to have decided to upend their following process, tying it too into their Google+ crapola. Of course, as cynical as tsb is, she refuses to get into ANOTHER social network. So we are hoping that they don't mess with our rss feeds because Reader is how we keep up! Even if we don't comment... we read! Though we have a new furiend that we need to get into our Reader and so we hafta make mama figure out how to do it. We are also going to go through it and bookmark every blog on thee Kindle so that we can just mosey around. We want to get a list of blogs we follow together and make a checklist that mama can check weekly so we can try at least to say hi to everyone weekly. Anyone who has any clue how to do it quickly and easily or has the sweetness to go through it for us and email us the names and linkies would win supermassive CoonLove!
We have been hanging by Dante's fur lately because we know that he's going to probably be the first to see spring! We love you, Rumbles, but its our turn for sunpuddles and window whiffies and all the bounties of spring. Many of you remember a couple summers ago we had a Robin family outside our furry window... we didn't last y
ear but we are ever so hopeful we have something new and exciting to watch outside!
We are in the midst of thinking about throwing another twitter pawty. Not a big one like the boy's reception, more like our instantaneous ones. As all who were at the reception know, mama's computer and Grooveshark had a big fight and mama nearly killed the pc! But she likes to mingle around youtube, so next time we dj that's how we'll do it.
As some of you also know, twitter is going to kill some versions of tweetdeck soon. Seeing as how that's the only client we have on the computer this might pose a problem. We will investigate all (free - mama's cheap) options and make a decision soon. Mama really likes tweetdeck's layout (mind you she hasn't updated it since well before twitter bought tweetdeck) so she's sad to see it go.
Well folks, mama's telling me I'm not allowed to use her kindle as a pillow (something about drool) so I'm gonna head out and try to get over to the food bowl without VERY NAUGHTY brofur hearing me. Please send purrs, he's been making the hoomins very cranky with his hella early whining!
Queen Jadzia

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Brian Frum said...

Hey, a speedy kindle is much better than Dad in a speedo, seriously!