Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for a lot...
They are closer to finding whoever set off the bombs in Boston. They think they have at least one person on video planting one of the bombs.
They just arrested the bad person who mailed ricin-laced letters to the President, a congressman and someone else.
Mama is almost done with her never-ending work week! Three more days!
Daddy is taking mama out to eat come Sunday and if they go where they're talking of going, we might just get to have leftovers!
Mamas flashy box is having issues so the pawparazzi is kinda limited!
Curzon was a GOOD boy this morning! Can you believe that?!? *giggle*
I'm gonna get snuggles! I'm not giving mama a choice!

Queen Jadzia


Nerissa's Life said...

Did you get your snuggles? Huh? Did you? Huh??? Hope so! purrs

d'ArtagnanRumblepurr said...

If she doesn't want the snuggles, I'll have them!!!

Lynx217 said...

oh i was already next to mama when she posted that mol. you know i did!

Lynx217 said...

mama snuggles or jazzy snuggles? mama would love to snuggle you, but i would love rumblesnuggles!