Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

It has been twelve years...
You gave me life
You gave me strength
You gave me courage
You gave me you.

You were the best Mother in the world
We never had it easy
No one believed in either of us
But you - no, WE - made it through

I am so sorry I wasn't there
That final year of your life
When things went so wrong
Though our bond grew tighter.

Your wisdom still guides me
Your voice lives on inside me
Though you're not here now
You live on within me forever

And as the days and years go by
And I approach the 40s myself
There is no distance so far
That can weaken my love

Rest in peace dear Mother
Have a great dinner with Grandma
Give her, Grandpa, Gayle and Ida hugs
And tell them all I love them just as much

Dedicated to and written for my Mother Ellen
February 28, 1956 - January 18, 2001
Also dedicated to:
Grandma, Grandpa and Grandpa's sister
And to my beloved Gayle
My second mother who rejoined Mom
The same day 6 years later (I think)


A furry special Happy Mother's Day to my mama
Though she was a furry tough Queen Mom
And to my hoomin mama and nurse
- Nimbus

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