Monday, May 20, 2013

Thankful Monday

We know thankful posts are usually on Thursday but today we are thankful because, while tornados hit within a couple miles of my family back home, everyone is ok. Now we just have to get through today as the weather guys are saying that they are still in the area most likely to get tornados. You can well imagine how worried I was when I saw my tiny little hometown on the radar, the tornado itself just northwest of them. So today I am thankful and I am praying that the weather guys are wrong and no more tornados spin up today. I may be wishful dreaming but I will not give up hope for a peaceful day. Its been a fairly quiet tornado season, and nature has a way of making up for it. I feel horrible for the people down in Oklahoma, especially for the family of the one fatality. Tornados are evil, but they are a part of nature and life in the midwest. Over the last couple decades, dramatic leaps have been made in forecasting that have allowed for much greater warning times and more precise warnings. Now instead of warning an entire county, they can tell just a specific part that they need to get to shelter. However, with that being said, if you're anywhere near it or in the path, don't wait for the warning to seek shelter. It is always better to err on the side of safety and dodge the bullet than to wait until the last moment and risk being injured or killed by the tornado or the debris it sends hurling into the air.
Peace my friends!


Lynx217 said...

we don't live there now but a lot of her family still does

Brian106sc said...

We sure hope those evil storms pass them right on by.

Quinn from Catitude said...

Mommy said to say she grew up in a fruit cellar in Missouri. How weird. Anyway, I think she means she went through a lot of tornado weather, a lot more than they have up here! Though they do have them here. Blessings on all who go through such devastation!