Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hoomins vs Cats

Hi everyone! I've never dictated a post before but my brofur Nimbus said I should! He's told me lots about his daddy, and I've gotten to know him as good as I can from afar from my watching over mama. See, I was mama's first cat, and to this date still the biggest. At my peak before I came here, I was around 25lb. I'm the biggest cat here at the mansion still, but I've learned quickly that I'm not the toughest. There's one here that was a street cat like me before we found our homes but he is tough beyond tough. That Angel Astro is one tough kitteh!
Anyways so why I'm here today and not Nimbus... let's just say he's out on a date... lol
So mama's been trying to get up out of bed all day. I've been giving her gentle Angel nuzzles but the two fursibs she's got there now aren't making it easy! That diva has been nearly glued to her shoulder all morning and that stinky one she calls Curzon has been ON her all morning! Poor mama hasn't even been able to get up for a trip to the human litterbox! Anyone have any tips for an Angel kitty to get them to actually HELP mama?
And just so everyone knows... Nimbus told me long ago that it was ok if I adopted his daddy as my daddy because mine wasn't that good to me. I want to so badly, seeing as how he has so many wonderful sweet kitties waiting here for him, and how good he's taken care of mama, but it just feels awkward at the same time. I'm just so happy to see mama healthier than I ever got to see her when I was with her. And don't tell her but her mama and I finally met not too long ago. We met at the viewing pond where humans and anipals can comingle. She introduced me to her kitty from when she was a young human... I thought kitties were supposed to avoid skunks?!? Lol... sweet human, and now I understand why mama was so sad when her mama came here. So please, if any of you see my mama sad missing her, tell her its ok, but her mama is doing good, enjoying time with the family and getting overrun by all the hamsters she had when my mama was a little human! Hahaha... I even recognized two of them! Dang little runt that got out and tormented me!

Angel Snowflake
Resident kitty boxing instructor
(We don't let Angel Astro he is TOO rough!)

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