Friday, June 14, 2013


We just noticed we haven't posted recently. We came through all the storms this last week fine, and while this will sound weird and wrong to some of you and I apologize in advance for it, Andrea was more of a Sandy than an Irene for us and that was a good thing. That being said (and remembering Irene nearly sent us evacuating), I'm so glad EVERYONE around here escaped the wrath. New Jersey took enough of a hit after Sandy, and many of us further inland took enough of a hit after Irene. It was good to dodge the metaphoric bullet. Of course I was worried for those down south, especially Nimmy's sister-in-laws and their sweet humans. I didn't even get to sending a message along (sorry Sharon! ) because I've had more sleepless nights than restful nights as of late. With it being so blazing wet here, every rain storm risks a flood. We've had several years like that here, but luckily so far this year we have been fine. Some of you may have seen the flood pictures we took in the midst of the first flood 7 years ago. That was the first flood I've ever been through so intimately. I grew up on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex and the city creek was a good 2 blocks away, so even when it flooded it never impacted me. There is just something so disconcerning about floods. I THINK I would rather be buried under snow than a flood. Get back to me though after the next blizzard lol.

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