Thursday, July 4, 2013


First she steals our claws, now it's our furs! Oh I guess TSB has a point... we DO shed a lot, and we DO look better afterward, but sheesh! Sisfur has mastered shedding perfectly. Mama says Nimbus must've inherited his shedding from her because she thinks she could brush them bald! I remember onc  mama even asked daddy if it was possible as she was brushing the boy because the fur never stopped coming off! Mol. And mama rarely does our bellies either, because we throw a fit every time. Nim was just sqirmy period, so mama had to brush him rough to keep his attention, and he loved it that way. He was a weirdo, I know. Look at his mama though, and you'll see why *giggle* yes, yes I know that isn't nice.
Mama got new shoes a week or so ago because her work shoes were falling apart and one of us barfed on her around town pair (a retired pair of work shoes that are as worn out lol). Mama thought they were safe because they are so big and under the table but i dragged it out! I was a good boy and didnt go far with it and actually put it back... two shoes are funner to lay on! But geez for as tiny as she is, mama has some HUGE feet! Now if you will excuse me, I need to use th  box so I can put some litter in her shoes *evil giggle* mwahahahaha!



The Florida Furkids said...

There's been a lot of claw and fur stealing around here too. Good job on the shoe barf!!

Happy 4th of July!

he Florida Furkids

Sparkle said...

Y'know, I have NEVER tossed up on my human's shoes. And she does tend to leave them lying around. I am missing out!

Brian106sc said...

Nothing like a litter foot to start the evening out right!