Friday, January 3, 2014

Cur of the Day

I know a lot of you have been waiting for us to get back to normal blogging. We keep trying! It's not easy for mama it seems lately to sit still for more than a minute, and even then we've had to pounce right on her just to keep her still for that long! As you can see I am doing just fine, and, according to mama, as handsome as ever! As many of you know, a coworker/friend of mama's gave her a laptop for crispymouse and we think that it's our best hope to getting back to normal blogging. Most if not all of our old pictures are already on it (because they were on the phone and Kindle too - yanno, hoomins are cursed by Bastet if they don't have pics of us readily available MOL). Sis has already furred the laptop keyboard once.
As our facebook and twitter followers know, some of the reason why we have been gone lately also is that mama was in a pinch trying to find a shelter or someone that would take in a wee little black kitteh that she thinks someone abandoned outside. Ma was heartbroken to say the least when everyone either said no or (the ONE that said yes) required her to get the cat vetted first. Let's see, if mama had the ability, don't you think she would've done it already? We know it's not cheap to rescue animals, but isn't shots and the requisite surgery a large portion of why most rescues charge upwards of $100 to adopt a rescue? They could surely get it done much cheaper and easier than us because most have agreements with vets for low-cost care. Well, last week, after a week of desperate trying, a neighbor threw us a curveball, and out of nowhere without anyone asking her to, snatched that kitteh up and took her in herself! Mama literally jumped for joy when she heard and stopped everything to call daddy and tell him! (She's still waiting to hear about it from some disgruntled coworker. But she didn't - and still doesn't - care MOL.)
So what else is new?
Last month saw us deal with a big toofs loss. Sis spent the month trying to get rid of a fang, finally dropping it just before crispymouse! Mama then spent a couple days looking for it before she finally found it. It's currently sitting on top of the box that holds Nimbus' ashes and momentos. Angel Nimbus has agreed to protect silly clumsy hoomins from said fang, so the next time the box is opened (it's a wee little wooden box with a cute little lock on it), the fang will go inside of it. It's probably the only thing that CAN fit in there anymore. But mama doesn't just couldn't have a box of ashes. All of his little momentos (and a wee little mouse that reminds mama of him as a baby) are in there too, as more of a memory box. We are surprised there's not one of his old needles in there (though there IS a cap to one in there MOL).
And as some of you know, our adopted fambly @chloetoby's humom took a nasty little fall over the holidays. We feel bad because mama not been able to keep up wif her, but we promise as soon as we post dis, we will make her!
And those of you that have followed us for years know every time the shedding season changes, we usually matt up pretty bad, to the point we get bathed, trimmed, combed, and then trimmed and combed again! Well this time hasn't been too bad. I've had some minor trimming done, and sisfur too, along with a deep combing! Sisfur is about due for a bath but between the fang problem and the bitter cold outside, mama hasn't wanted either of us to get wet just due to the draftiness! Mama says soon though... poor sis.
So that's it for us for now... *pawhugs* to Brian, his sisfurs and his hoomins for all they've been through the last couple months. We sure as heck hope all the sickies go away forever! We vote for a cuddlepile on the hoomins! And mama sends her thanks for your help during the kitteh nightmare.



Brian106sc said...

Thanks for the paw hugs, right back at ya! I love that smiley pic!

The Florida Furkids said...

OMC we didn't know the kitty got a forever home. That's the purrfect way to start the New Year!!

The Florida Furkids

Sparkle said...

I'm glad to hear you kitties are doing well, and your human has a laptop! Don't be strangers!