Saturday, January 4, 2014

MAJOR Cricket Update

So here's the update on Cricket! She is adjusting well. When I arrived in her new home, she was cozied in the corner under the tree - now cowering hiding, just very comfy! She has herself a little sticky hoomin too (a kid)! He has already bonded to the girl and vice versa. She is quick as a whip and loves to play. I gave her my second mousie-on-a-string that the twins had (they'll get over it) and some food, stinky goodness, and a litterbox. She was definitely someone's cat - she is already litterbox trained though she can't bury for the life of her (but neither can my two lol). And, just like every other black cat, she does NOT photograph well! At least not on my cell phone (I temporarily lost the memory card for my camera so I had to go on the fly). I do think that she has found her forever home, as anyone so cold and sick as to dump their cat next to a wooded area will not reclaim her. I will be providing more supplies for the kitty soon (though a neighbor also got her food before she was rescued so she will have even more food soon). And, to top it off, Cricket gave me head nuzzles and nose nuzzles and love! Yes, I am one VERY happy human. The twins will just have to deal with the Cricket smell. I did find one little matt on her, but she's a long hair, that's going to happen. I was able to work it out with my fingers just fine (which also speaks to the fact she was abandoned - to be so patient while I messed with her furs). The only thing she wasn't being patient with was her genitalia check. So either she's a neutered male or a girl, and I'm 95% sure she's female. Her haunches lifted up when scritched and just generally acts feminine!


(Sorry for the blurry pics, it is hard for any camera to take pictures of a moving cat, especially a cell!)
Best start to the new year ever!


Brian106sc said...

I sure am glad she found a happy!!!

The Florida Furkids said...

Pawsome start tot he new year!!!!

The Florida Furkids

Sparkle said...

Cricket is so pretty! And that is great news for her!!