Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey guys! As some of you know mama got another year older this weekend. Soon she gonna be so old she'll go bald if she plucks out the greys! *giggles*
Mama made some phone changes. Back to the old phone. She did dump feedly before she left though. Greader has been acting much better. It has only crashed once. Now she just swapped phones back today (she was smart and kept her old phone) so we will see but she is happy so far.
Mama also ditched weatherbug on the phone. It just requires so much memory! And no FB on the phone either. Now, before you scream, she found another app for both that is MEGAsmaller than the aforementioned apps. So we are happy, because she is!
I managed to get myself INTO trouble just after I got myself OUT of trouble for waking mama up so many times recently! But, in my defense, sisfur got ENTIRELY WAY TOO CLOSE! She needed to be pawed!
Please, stop by and visit our big furry furiend Dante, we got word earlier today that he has a norty case of plugged plumbing and needs emergency care. We would linkie but mama is on laptop and still hasn't gotten all the bookmarks set on it.
Well, we are off for now, mama hasn't taken any pictures of us lately. We will probably be quiet for another month or so off and on as mama has mama things to do. We disapprove, but we approve too because we know in the end, mama has to be happy!


Sparkle said...

It turned out that Greader is for Android OS's, and we only have iPhones here. So we are still on Feedly.

Lynx217 said...

i will do some research on it for you

Lynx217 said...

youre not. tsb doesnt do bdays so she keep a low profile about it.