Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally Friday!

Oh my, it's finally friday! I don't know about all of you, but I'm so glad it's here. I think it's safe to say this week needed to go bye-bye!
Some of you have seen this, some of you have not. I did collages of all 3 cats, and today I decided to make Curzon's my desktop background on the laptop. These are some of my favorite pictures... Of him when he was young and sleek, snoopervising, guarding, or just laying peculiarly. He is so expressionate in the face, more than just about any other cat I've seen. But I hear that it's a Coon trait. There's just something so much deeper in those big eyes... When I came home today and he came up to see me once I had things put away, that to me was the best part of my whole day. I just sat down on the floor and we hugged and he purred and purred and all the crap from the day just melted away.
I did one for Jadzia too. Now you might say, hey! Hers isn't as big as his! Yes, but these just mean something. If you look in one you'll see the hind end of Nim, in a couple you can't even see her face... everyone tells me that she looks so sweet... Oh if you only knew her! Just like her namesake, she's a sweet lass - until you **** her off. And then you just started World War 3. That's why I don't understand why she's not the one flagged at the vet. I guess Curzon doesn't care whether I'm there or not, he's still gonna be rude and mean to the vet.
I hope you all have a good weekend and remember, don't buy, adopt! Or, heck, if you're like me, they'll find you.



Quinn from Catitude said...

I was a shelter girl (but not for very long--mommy saw me on PetFinders and fell in love), and Angel brandi was, too (mommy wasn't even looking for a new kitty, but brandi insisted).

Brian106sc said...

Those are all stunning, but they would be with those lookers!

Sparkle said...

These collages are just so sweet!