Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey folks

Trying out Windows Live Writer to do my blogging, so if you see anything weird coming through on your RSS reader, don’t fret. Cod knows blogger itself isn’t the most user-friendly. We will see how things go.


This is what we call a MINOR flood at the Casa on the Creek. Those trees in the distance are along the banks of the creek, so you can tell how narrow the creek is SUPPOSED to be. As you may well be aware, we had a lot of rain last week. According to the local newspaper, we had over 5”. We were fortunate though that it stopped pouring just as the creek got to the curb, so the creek only got an inch or two up the stairs. This is a pic from years ago, but that’s about what it looked like last week, though not as green. I’d show a pic from the BIG flood, but BIG floods always seem to come at like 3am when there’s not much light so there’s not much to see.

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Brian106sc said...

That is too much wet stuff. Hey, the blog post looks great on our iPad.