Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On Sparkle and all the other recent OTRB anipals

To Sparkle and all our other furiends that have lost furbabies lately...

We are so sorry we haven't sent personal condolances. It's not for a lack of caring. Sometimes it's just been craziness here. Other times, especially with Sparkle, such beautiful words were already spoken and mama just didn't feel she could articulate any better.

Know that you are missed, dear furbabies. But we never stop loving you. And sweet humans, we know it's hard, but you will walk through this too. Most of us have been through it before, and it never gets any easier. Anyone says that is full of rubbish. You merely learn to put on a face better!

We are approaching 3 years without Nimbus and just passed 2 years without our late roommate. It's been 13 years since our mom lost her mom. Death isn't easy. It's so finite. Humanity doesn't deal with finite very well. That's why humans have religion and us cats are entrusted to the truth... because we can't talk their language and therefore blow humans' illusions of grandeur hehehe. But rest assured, you will see your babies again... either that or we're all in for some cosmic joke! *giggle* We can't tell you.

Love and Purrs,

The Twins

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Brian106sc said...

It sure never is easy missing the ones we love so much.