Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Less on the Bucket List

Last night I knocked another item off of the bucket list, one I didn't even know was ON my bucket list. I seriously didn't think the chances were in my favor to ever meet someone so important.

I was hanging out with Mr. Cat at our favorite spot, when these two old guys came in. I didn't see them walk in or I would've noticed the medal on his neck in a heartbeat. I came back out from the bathroom and he told me, "that old guy over there is a WW2 vet with the Congressional Medal of Honor from Iwo Jima."

Everyone that knows me knows 2 things: 1. I am a mega history buff; and 2. I LOVE sitting down and listening to one talk. I had a neighbor back when I lived in Ohio that was a WW2 vet and I sat in his apartment for hours listening to the stories he had to tell.

So when Mr. Cat told me that there was a HERO in the building, I about cried. Seriously. There aren't many WW2 vets alive still, never mind one so distinguished as to have a Medal of Honor AND a Purple Heart. I hugged him, got my picture taken with him, gave him another hug and thanked him big time for serving our country in her greatest time of need. A little while later he gave a little speech, that had everyone standing up and a lot of us a little weepy. He's still quite vibrant for being 90 years old and surviving HELL. For those of you who don't know, Iwo was hell on earth for our Marines. This man was more brave than most of us could even DREAM of being.

Please, go read his Wikipedia article. You MUST know the story of this hero. And when you read about Hershel, you will then understand WHY I was so blown away just to be in his presence.

And one last thing. If you ever happen upon a vet, I don't care what day it is, stop and thank him/her for their service to our country. If it wasn't for them, we probably wouldn't be here today.

God Bless America


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