Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful Tuesday

We know we don't post as often as we should and want to but we are unfortunately dependent on mama to operate her phone as 90% of our blogging comes from it. But we are so furry thankful for all of you who still come by and read every post. Some of you even comment most of the time!
We are also furry thankful that my girlfriend Zoe and her brofur Brian are doing better. I am planning Zoe's next date. Brian said I should have a talk with her about what isn't edible but my mama had to interrupt and say I had no credibility there, whatever that means! All I know is that I can't wait for our next date!
We are also supremely thankful that mama seems to be almost back to her old self. She was getting mighty hard to control! She was either stressin, constantly moving, or something. So we are taking an easy day for now though mama says she does have plans for later. But right now she just wants to be with us, and we are happy to oblige!
We are also thankful we have two hoomins that love us so much and know how to cook so good! See, its a tradition here that on the day they cook the bird that they let us nom some. And then when mama gets the meat off the bird she lets us have at the remnants! She never lets us at it unsupervised and makes sure all the little and sharp parts are gone but we like that she does it. Believe it or not we've never had a drag-off incident. None of us, Nim included, are that big into people food. We all got a certain thing we like but all in all we aren't that much into it as a whole.
And as they say all the time, mama and daddy are so furry glad that they found each other! As mama says, daddy took a bunch of ragamuffins in and mad a family out of it! Mol But we are so furry thankful that mama took us in even tho she was in no way prepared or ready to. She sacrificed a lot for us, especially that first almost year before daddy came into our lives. Mama rocks! But so does our daddy because he's our lawyer! He gets us out of as much trouble as he can. (But he can't defend a naughty cat caught in the act like brofur was a week or so ago mol! - Jaz)
So thank you once again for stopping by and for being our furiend. We luv every one of u!


Curzon and the whole House of CoonCats


Brian Frum said...

That's some nice things to be thankful for indeed! Zoe is thankful to have a handsome mancat to take care of her!

Summer said...

We kitties with good homes have so much to be thankful for!