Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Flashback Theme: Whap-Paw

The twins when they were young, when Nim was still inside mama. We didn't know she was pregnant at the time but we knew it was possible.

Jaz always got the raw end of the deal even as a kitt. I was always protecting her. But I gave her one wee lesson in self defense and that was all it took. She figured out how to use those paws quite well.

She taught her son well. He didnt use them often but when he did he meant business.

The master paw whapper herself. Daddy's girl Angel aka Ninja was a master bug killer, especially come cicada time. We often wonder if she showed Nim how to do it after he arrived at the mansion.


Brian Frum said...

Such cute, cute, cutie-pies!

Summer said...

Such adorable pics!