Friday, December 19, 2014

Secret Paws!

So yesterday we got a very special package in the mail! It was full of toys... not for me thankfully, but for the cats!

There was a box full of little balls and mice... and a bag of (I think) fresh homemade nip! Of course I let the cats try that first as they've never had fresh nip. It took a little while, and they didnt eat much but they were stoned out of their minds even at bedtime!

I haven't introduced them to a lot of the toys yet... as stoned as they were they were a little overwhelmed.

But they LOVED their nip ring... Curzon especially needs this as he tends to get food stuck now and then between his chompers. But he wouldn't chomp on the ring itself... he was too busy throwing it and trying to pull the strings off lmao.

And they got treats too! And I am so thankful that they are purina. I rarely venture far because they tend to get sick from things easily. And generic... oh don't even start me on that.

And then there was this adorable purse holder for me. As anyone that knows me will tell you my purse can get heavy so instead of it being a purse holder I'm going to use it to frame a picture of Nimbus. It is so utterly adorable I just can't bare to even think of putting weight on it.

Thank you to everyone at  Kitties Blue for such a sweet package!

TSB, Curzon and Jadziq


Brian Frum said...

That sure is some cool stuff!!!

Summer said...

What an awesome package of cat toys! The Kitties Blue put together a nice one for you.